Is A Hybrid Bike Good for Long Distance?

Is A Hybrid Bike Good for Long Distance

Choosing a bike for your cycling tour has never been an easy task to handle. There is no doubt that there will be a long list of decisions based on personal preference, unexpected situation, or route – lots of things to consider. The question, “can I ride it for a long-distance trip?” will always linger on your mind, especially with a hybrid bike.

So, can it?

As you may know, a hybrid bike is getting really famous by day for being an excellent option for both on and off-road cycling from a 500m to even 3kms of distance. Their design with a pillowy seat, front-upright handles, a rack for mounting a water bottle makes them a great choice for traveling. However, it is still not enough as some of you might want to roam further than just a couple of miles, right? Can hybrid bikes do it?

The answer is yes. Going over 100 miles is not a big deal with these bikes as an excellent combination of mountain and road bikes; they are your ideal choice for long-distance cyclists. However, there are some cons that you never can reject, their tires are relatively broader than ordinary ones, a real hassle for setting up. This is where you must decide which road to travel suiting their tires.


The Montague Urban Folding 700c Pavement Hybrid Bikes

The Montague Urban Folding 700c Pavement Hybrid Bikes

To those wanting to use hybrid bikes regularly for exercising and touring, durability needs to be taken seriously. These days, you can easily go online and find most hybrid bikes can be found with a 700c tire for an usual condition– standard tires for road bikes. Of course, there is also an upgraded version for the off-road trip available for you if you want to. But if you are keener on on-road, then 700c tires should serve you right.

Although the hybrid bike results from the love of mountain and road bikes, not the children resemble the parents in having a front or rear suspension. Unless you are just going for some medium or short length trip, having your bike rigid suspension forks is necessary. It may spoil your experience if you do otherwise.

Besides, don’t worry if you just got yourself a cheap hybrid car with a -quality suspension fork; you can still get a brand good new one in the market and replace it any time.

Frame and Weight

Believe me; this element is not something you can take lightly as it has a significant impact on your riding experience.

When embarking on a long journey, the weight of your bike has its importance in how much you enjoy that ride. If you get a hybrid bike with a heavy, dense frame, it will take a toll on your legs. Nevertheless, a “weightless” bike will make it hard for you to ride in a windy situation. Besides, these lighter bikes are nowhere as durable as the heavy ones like mountain bikes. Therefore, being picky here is somewhat in need.

For hybrid bikes, their weight can range from 28 lbs on average to 32 lbs sometimes, depending on how they are designed and the frame material. I am not saying which one is good nor bad; it is just each of their kind serves a unique purpose with both ups and downsides. Therefore, think wisely about why and where you go before picking a hybrid bike.


The Tommaso La Forma Lightweight Hybrid Bikes

The Tommaso La Forma Lightweight Hybrid Bikes

Some of you might possess a hybrid with rim brakes, which are not ideal for a ride in when you’re late for work or a bike that can speed up like a cheetah. The unpredictable grip force of those rims can lead to undesirable results. Better and of course more expensive products will be assembled by disc brakes – a much reliable, predictable, and robust version for you. No matter where or when you go, rainy or sunny, muddy, or dry, the overall power full grip of these brakes will not let you down.

On a side note, the rim brake hybrid bikes are also available for upgrading anytime.

Some Other Factors You Want To Consider for Your Tour With A Hybrid Bike


For you bikers, veteran or not, you guys need to know what kind of road you ride on. Different terrains match a specifically designed bike: mountain, gravel, muddy, or only on the road. Your bike might be in new design – fashionable, compact, or pleasing and comfortable when riding, but it still becomes junk on unfavorable topography. There is no way thin tires of road bikes can handle the gravel paths, however light they are.

Riding a bike on an unmatched terrain raises the possibility of punctures or losing control and damages your rims.  Each cycle has a name resembling their function and adaptability to specific geography like mountain bikes are friends of hills or on-road motorcycles cannot go anywhere but tarmac surface.

Thus, in this case, a hybrid bike will be your buddy to conquer the world: high speed, big tires for low pressure and firm grip, comfy saddles, and sturdy frame. Like a friend of all but the best friend of none, they do wonder on both paved roads and hills but not so great in any situation at all.


The Raleigh Bikes Redux 2 City Hybrid Bikes

The Raleigh Bikes Redux 2 City Hybrid Bikes

Following right behind terrain, how far you go dramatically affects your choice to take a cycling trip. A veteran can make it 100 miles by a hybrid bike without effort, which is tough for those beginners, not to mention your luggage.

However, after a ride of 100 miles, you need to start making your decision: either a long-distance road bike, which will break down with less durability or a mountain bike – massive, slow, not efficient, but durable. Although there is a third option for you: hybrid bikes, sitting on them for a long time can lead to hand numbness or painful.

The lack of bar ends could not offer you more than one position.

Total load

If you carry a house with you for a trip, forget about riding a bike, have some mercy for the frame, or at least your legs. Overloaded equipment or accessory can make a bike collapse regardless of condition.

If your carriage is under 5kg, you can get it ready with any kind of bike you like. Or, you only have a bike with a denser frame to pick (mountain bikes or hybrid bikes). If it is the case, god may forgive you, but your legs definitely do not. Please go for an electric motorcycle or motorbike if you carry something exceeding 10kg.

Riding style and position

The Raleigh Cadent 3​​ Hybrid Bikes

The Raleigh Cadent 3​​ Hybrid Bikes

Racing and commuting are two big different things. For the latter, your primary purpose is to look and immerse in the beauty surrounding you. Still, racing is about speed and competition. So a long-distance bike or a road bike will need to be put under a decision


So, that’s all for my answer about the ability of a hybrid bike for a long distance road. It’s Yes!. However, this would depend on your purpose and upgrades to ensure you get the best experience!