What is the best full face mountain bike helmet?

Finding the best full face mountain bike helmet shouldn’t hurt your bank account or stress you out.

Having done our research and knowing the things that are most important to mountain bikers, we have picked out the best models on the market with great quality and value.

You will benefit greatly when you keep reading on below.

The Retrospec Harper Bike

Demon United Podium Full Face Mountain Bike Helmet – Best Overall

For a wide variety of needs, this Demon United helmet is the best overall you can find.

It has all the features that mountain bikers ever need during their adventures. Plus, the price is super sweet.

First of all, this thing is lightweight. You won’t get that heavy feeling when you’re wearing it on your head.

Although the build is sturdy, the helmet still allows a good amount of airflow through your hair. So you won’t be bothered with sweat or heat during your trip.

Thanks to the EPS foam liner, you will be protected comfortably without feeling hurt or pain around your head.

On the plus side, the liner is removable and washable. So you can wear your helmet fresh and without any smelly smell.

The helmet has been CPSP certified. It provides you with the utmost safety a mountain bike helmet can provide.

The built-in visor is also a nice touch that helps protect your eyes from bright sunlight. Because this is a helmet for bikes, it may not be suitable for motorized vehicles.

Also, the chin guard is not detachable if that’s something you need. Other than that, a tough and solid helmet that protects your head comfortably and reliably. One of the best!

7iDP M1 Helmet – Best Budget

For budgets under $100, this is one of the best deals you can get for yourself.

The M1 helmet is lightweight thanks to its polycarbonate construction. Although it is light, the helmet is durable and tough.

What’s cool about this model is that there are 17 vents on it to allow cool air in and hot air out, giving you the best ventilation even on the hottest days.

If you want to wear goggles to protect your vision from harmful sun rays, you can as well with this helmet.

The Pure Fix Original

This is because the helmet sports a large eye port, which will give you a wide angle of vision for the safest navigation on unfamiliar trails.

The helmet complies with the CE safety standards to make sure it provides the most effective impact protection system for its users.

The downside to this model is that there is no removable liner inside. There is only a mesh padding that you can clean after riding.

Another con is that there is not a lot of colors to choose from. Despite that, the available colors are quite cool and eye-catching.

Overall, this M1 helmet is certainly a killer deal that gives your head, chin, and teeth the best protection value for the money.

Bell Super 3R MIPS Adult MTB Bike Helmet – Best MIPS Helmet With A Camera Mount

Besides protecting your skull with the best-in-class MIPS system, this Bell helmet comes with a super cool camera mount.

You can easily hook your GoPro on it and be ready to capture the best footage of your adventures. This makes it more fun when you’re riding or racing with your friends or family members. No zip ties, no tape, or any adhesive is ever needed.

The MIPS system stands for Multi-directional Impact Protection System. This is one of the best protection you can get on the market. Basically, it keeps your head safe no matter what direction the impact is at.

The Golden Cycles Single Speed Fixed Gear

The cool feature about this Bell helmet is that you can remove the chin bar if you don’t need it. You don’t need to worry about attaching it on again because this is a 3-step quick connection that requires absolutely no tools.

You will also love the integrated visor system. You can easily adjust it to fit your goggles comfortably. With its overbrow ventilation system, cool air will usher in on the brow of the helmet, keeping your full head cool and comfy.

The downside to this model, we guess, is the price. It is quite sour to som riders’ taste. If you’re willing to invest over $100-$200 for a full face helmet, then this buy will certainly be worth it.

Giro Disciple MIPS MTB Helmet – Best Helmet With Emergency Cheek Pads

When you check out the wide range of MTB helmets, you will often see the full head protection and the chin guard. The small detail that is often missed is the protection for your cheekbones.

This is where Giro Disciple helmet excels. Unlike other model, this one comes with emergency cheek pads that give you even more protection for your whole face and head.

The helmet has also been fully MIPS certified. What’s awesome about this thing is that it is compatible with tuneups audio speaker. So if you feel like some music could make your ride more exciting, then go for it.

The SXL Expressway Bike

As with most advanced helmet models, this Giro helmet is rather on the expensive side. It may also be big for some because this is the usual way Giro designs their products.

Cons aside, this Giro lid will not disappoint your high expectations and will make your trip even more thrilling.

Best Full Face MTB Helmet Brands

If you’re shopping for a mountain bike helmet, then it’s good to get yourself familiar with the best names there are today.

Here is a shortlist of reputable and trusted brands:


Super cool brand that makes helmets that look cool and are tough. Their products are well-loved by many riders because of the quality and the awesome price.


Unique brand that makes high-quality helmets at a super affordable price. They make helmets very accessible to those new to this amazing sport.


Bell is a famous name in the house. Their helmets are advanced, well-designed, and highly protective. Although the products are pricey, the features certainly live up to the standards.

The 6KU Aluminum Fixed Gear


Giro stands proudly in our shortlist simply because their helmets rock. They have plenty of options for beginners to advanced daredevils.


Another great brand that you can check out if you love full face mountain bike helmets with a fiberglass shell for your race.

Troy Lee

Troy Lee cannot be ignored because they make dope-looking helmet that can protect your skull and teeth fully when are going at full speeds down the hills.


Hope this post has been of help. As you can see, choosing the best full face mountain bike helmet is not hard at all. Know what you need, know the good brands, and get the best one for yourself. Cheers & enjoy!