Is A Hybrid Bike Good for Long Distance

Choosing a bike for your cycling tour has never been an easy task to handle. There is no doubt that there will be a long list of decisions based on personal preference, unexpected situation, or route – lots of things to consider. The question, “can I ride it for a long-distance trip?” will always linger on your mind, especially with a hybrid bike.

So, can it?

As you may know, a hybrid bike is getting really famous by day for being an excellent option for both on and off-road cycling from a 500m to even 3kms of distance. Their design with a pillowy seat, front-upright handles, a rack for mounting a water bottle makes them a great choice for traveling. However, it is still not enough as some of you might want to roam further than just a couple of miles, right? Can hybrid bikes do it?

The answer is yes. Going over 100 miles is not a big deal with these bikes as an excellent combination of mountain and road bikes; they are your ideal choice for long-distance cyclists. However, there are some cons that you never can reject, their tires are relatively broader than ordinary ones, a real hassle for setting up. This is where you must decide which road to travel suiting their tires.


The Montague Urban Folding 700c Pavement Hybrid Bikes

The Montague Urban Folding 700c Pavement Hybrid Bikes

To those wanting to use hybrid bikes regularly for exercising and touring, durability needs to be taken seriously. These days, you can easily go online and find most hybrid bikes can be found with a 700c tire for an usual condition– standard tires for road bikes. Of course, there is also an upgraded version for the off-road trip available for you if you want to. But if you are keener on on-road, then 700c tires should serve you right.

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What Are The Best Brands Of Mountain Bikes

Mountain biking started back in the late 1970s and early 1980s and like many good old tales, riders back in those days from the areas of Colorado, Cupertino, California in the United States tinkered with cruiser bikes and modified them with better brakes and fat tires for freewheeling down mountain trails. You can say mountain bike was the successor of cruiser bike (in a way). Fast-forwarding a couple of decades, it is one of the most popular sports all over the world. Whilst professionals compete and aim to accelerate above one another within the field, layperson like you and I, who wants to experience the thrill of riding over rocky terrain, countless companies manufacture great quality bikes which are both sturdy and light, overcoming many challenges of mountainous terrain. Top-notch brands come to mind: Trek, Cannondale, Giant, Ibis, Yeti, and Santa Cruz. We will delve into the top 3 brands.

Top 3 Best Brands Of Mountain Bikes


The Top Fuel 9.9 Trek Bikes

The Top Fuel 9.9 Trek Bikes

Founded in 1975 during the surge of popularity for cycling, 45 years ago, by two guys out of a barn in Waterloo, called Richard Burke and Bevil Hogg. Today, along with Giant Manufacturing Co, The Cannondale Bicycle Corporation, market share for the trio accounts for roughly 1/3 of the total revenue of mountain bikes’ sales globally. One would beg to ask the question, “What makes Trek so great?”

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Finding the best full face mountain bike helmet shouldn’t hurt your bank account or stress you out.

Having done our research and knowing the things that are most important to mountain bikers, we have picked out the best models on the market with great quality and value.

You will benefit greatly when you keep reading on below.

The Retrospec Harper Bike

Demon United Podium Full Face Mountain Bike Helmet – Best Overall

For a wide variety of needs, this Demon United helmet is the best overall you can find.

It has all the features that mountain bikers ever need during their adventures. Plus, the price is super sweet.

First of all, this thing is lightweight. You won’t get that heavy feeling when you’re wearing it on your head.

Although the build is sturdy, the helmet still allows a good amount of airflow through your hair. So you won’t be bothered with sweat or heat during your trip.

Thanks to the EPS foam liner, you will be protected comfortably without feeling hurt or pain around your head.

On the plus side, the liner is removable and washable. So you can wear your helmet fresh and without any smelly smell.

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